General FAQs

1. How can I participate?
You may register for the hackathon on Moledao website here. It will be the main platform that covers registration to project submission.
2. Who can participate?
We welcome developers and non-developers of all skill types and levels. All you need to do is sign up for our hackathon and start building your project. Get started by simply registering an account with us. Not to worry if you do not have a team to start the project with. There’s a streamlined team formation process to make sure that you have a spot in our hackathon. We are very willing to pick up all developers, new and existing, into our ecosystem!
3. Is there a cost to participate in the Moledao NFT Hackathon?
Moledao Hackathon is 100% free for all attendees.
4. How many people can be on a team?
Teams can include up to 5 members. You can team up with software developers from any country, or with any type of experience! Join our Discord to find your fellow teammates. This is where you can introduce yourself with your skills and experience and describe what kind of project you want to build.
5. What are the criteria to be considered for the Early Mole awards?We will consider the following criteria for Early Mole Projects:
  • Project team has been working less than 3 months at the time of submission
  • Project has not been submitted for previous hackathons
  • Project has not received external funding either through a token launch or private investments
6. What are the criteria for joining the hackathon?
We welcome most projects that deal with the domains we have listed, and potentially those dealing with other domains. However there is one criterion we want to set down to exclude more mature projects:
  • Projects must not have raised investments exceeding $100,000 USD, whether through NFT sales or investments.
If you have submitted your project for other hackathons, you are still welcome, but please read question 8 below.
7. My project falls under more than one domain, can I still join?
Yes. We expect that there will be many projects that span across multiple domains, the domains act mainly as guidelines. The Grand Mole prize will be judged across all domains.
8. Can I submit a past project that I previously submitted for other hackathons?
Yes, but you will not be eligible for the Early Mole Awards. In order to ensure fairness, projects and teams that put in days and nights of work will have higher chances of winning over teams that submit past projects. If you really want to submit a past project, we expect you to considerably alter your submission, and create at least 1-2 differentiators over your past project submissions.