Why NFTs?
NFTs go way beyond “jpegs” on the blockchain. In a short amount of time, innovative NFTs have changed the way ownership, membership, branding, fundraising, and community are built on the internet. While the rest of the crypto market has gone down, NFTs have been resilient, and remain a popular way to onboard new users to the crypto ecosystem, often changing people’s lives in the process. We will have 4 general, non-exclusory domains. We expect that many projects will cross categories. These are just guidelines.
The MoleHack: NFT 2.0 is a global challenge to discover new innovations in the NFT ecosystem. We have outlined four/five main domains for this hackathon. Your project can span across multiple domains, and can include areas that we didn’t think about.
  • Tooling
Tools empower creators, communities to create NFTs for community interaction, or even for NFT analytics. Does your project help to generate art, to create and manage the process of NFT mints? It fits here.
Examples: Art generation tools, mint management tools, mint rates, wallets, P2E earning ratio etc
  • Infrastructure
Solutions exist for exchanging, swapping, hosting NFTs, and more. What is lacking in the current market? What can you build?
Examples: Alternatives to IPFS, Arweave for storage; streaming/dynamic NFTs; RPC nodes (e.g SSC Solana)
  • DAOs
NFTs are increasingly being used in the management of DAOs, with DAOs like Developer DAO, arising, as well as a number of other social DAOs. How can you innovate on the concept of using NFTs as a social and governance tool?
Examples: Innovations on how NFTs can be used in a DAO, extending beyond just a membership tool
  • Token innovations
P2E games involving NFTs and DeFi mechanics have risen, such as Wolf Game, Creepz and more. EtherOrcs and Rarity gave rise to “upgradable rarity” as part of a game. What kind of new token innovations can you think of?
Examples: Wolf Game, Creepz, EtherOrcs innovations on using NFTs as a game; basis.markets NFT as a DeFi and governance tool
The hackathon officially starts on 28 February 2022.
Register your interest today at https://moledao.typeform.com/to/ZNDqKmGv​
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